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Main topic: Wiki farm
Founded by: Jimmy Wales (founder)
Angela Beesley Starling (co-founder)
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
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Engine: MediaWiki
Farm topic: Wiki farm
Status: Wikia
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For the category listing the original Wikicities wiki sites, see: category: Wikia.
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From Wikicities

Welcome to Wikicities.
Wikicities is a collection of wikis run by various communities. A Wikicity is an informational site which anyone can edit. Every Wikicities wiki site runs on MediaWiki, the same software used on many wikis, including Wikipedia.

You can start a new Wikicity in any language today, or help to edit an existing one from the list of Wikicities.

Support on both the technical and social aspects of running a wiki community are provided.

Wikicities are hosted for free and supported by advertising. Wikicities are open to the public to edit, although administrators can choose to restrict editing of some pages using page protection. Wikicities are not owned by their founders. They are run as community projects, and should strive towards consensus as the primary means for organizing their wikis.

A Wikicity can be in any language, and many languages already have full interface translations available. You can even request language sub-domains of one Wikicity.

Wikicities operate on a shared-login system. This means you only need to create a username once, and you can edit any Wikicity.

All of the content of Wikicities will be available under a free content licence. This means the information can be reused, not only in other Wikicities, but by anyone.

All Wikicities are hosted on dedicated Linux servers using squid cache acceleration for high performance. Hosting includes site backups, server administration, and site statistics. There is no limit to the size your Wikicity can be!

What is a wiki?

A wiki site is a website that allows users to easily create pages and edit pages others have created. The markup is very simple and requires no knowledge of HTML. For example, surrounding a word with [[double square brackets]] will turn that word or group of words into a link. You can make text italicized just by surround the text with double ''inverted commas''.

Editing is very easy to learn, and allows anyone to create a website. Every edit made to Wikicities is stored for as long as the Wikicity exists. This means you can easily check which edits have been made. You can also easily remove bad edits as you can change back to an older version of the page.

Example Wikicities

Local soccer league Wikicity

fans write about the teams, and analyze the games together.

OurTown Wikicities

residents and visitors of a town collect local history information, details of local facilities and popular places to go in the town.

Collectors clubs

are you an avid collector? Share details of your collection on a wiki, and collaborate with others in providing information about the objects you collect.

Fan sites

get together with other fans of a television program, band, or anything else and gather information about that, share news of celebrity appearances, and more.

Existing Wikicities

  1. Wikianswers (
  2. Node-wiki for university-wikis (
  3. (
  4. WikiMac ( (also in Chinese (
  5. G.Knowledge (