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For the Wikimedia Foundation wiki that is the French edition of Wikibooks, see: Wikibooks (Français).
For the Russian language spin-off sister site to this which is hosted in Russia, see:
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Wikilivres (for a while known as Bibliowiki, after originally known as Wikilivres), hosted in Canada, is a library of copyright-free documents, images, and sounds; that crucially, are available in the public domain (PD). Multilingual site; the three main languages are English, French, and Russian. There are also pages in Albanian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, Georgian, German, Hebrew, Middle English, Neapolitan, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

The site started having connectivity problems around 2015 and was eventually shuttered after a large database loss. It went went offline in 2018.


Bibliowiki est une bibliothèque de documents libres. Site hébergé au Canada.

Le site est multilingue. Les trois langues principales sont l'anglais, le français, et le russe. Il y a aussi des documents en espagnol, allemand, et chinois.

Le site accepte aussi les fichiers multimédias.


Bibliowiki es una biblioteca de documentos libres de Canadá.

En el sitio se usan muchos idiomas. Los principales son el ingles, el francés, y el ruso. Hay paginas en albanés, alemán, checo, chino, español, esperanto, georgiano, hebreo, holandés, inglés medio, napolitano, polaco, y turco.

Se acceptan imágenes y sonidos también.

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The site was formerly located at, and later at, and It was more recently found at, using the 'dot wiki' top level domain (TLD). As of mid 2023, it is now found at

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