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Status: Dead
Language: French
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Wiki license: Copyright to original source author
Main topic: Books
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(Page count as of: 2007-05-01
wikiFactor as of: 2011-02-04)


The purpose of Wikimaginaire, a non-commercial, free wiki is to write collaborative literary fiction under the licence of its choice (or license-free). However, everyone can publish his personal texts. This site is only for publication and does not grant any copyright. His motto: "Respect the creative freedom of the authors".


Wikimaginaire, un wiki gratuit et non commercial, a pour but d'écrire de la fiction littéraire collaborative sous la licence de son choix (ou sans licence). Cependant, chacun peut publier ses textes personnels. Ce site est uniquement destiné à la publication et n'accorde aucun droit d'auteur. Sa devise : "Respecter la liberté d'expression créatrice des auteurs".

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