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Wikipainting.png Wikipainting
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Status: Dormant
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Art


This was an open wiki featuring a nifty Java Applet to allow cooperative painting.
Paintings could be modified and reverted (wiki style) in the applet. They were grouped into categories.

Sadly it seems to be shut down now with the following message (which may not stay forever)

Désolé, ce site est fermé

Suite à la décision du tribunal de commerce de Paris en mars 2008 lors du procès Eric Dupin - Olivier Martinez, attribuant à l'auteur de la responsabilité des contenus postés par les internautes, j'ai décidé de fermer ce site. Pour plus d'informations, voir ici.

Les meilleures images créées avec ce site sont disponibles au téléchargement (3 Mo - Creative Commons).

Sorry, this website is closed

Due to some french tribunal decision, this website is closed.

You can download a selection of images created with Wikipainting (3 Mb - Creative Commons).

That english translated message is clearly not complete.

It's not clear if the applet source code is available anywhere. If it is, Harry Wood would be interested getting a copy.