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Wikipediocracy is an extensive highly detailed WordPress blog and phpBB-powered internet forum, exposing the light of scrutiny into the dark crevices of Wikipedia and its related Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) projects, through debate amongst its members, many of whom are active (or formerly active) highly experienced Wikipedia editors. For an overview of its mission, Wikipediocracy trustee Zoloft wrote:[1]
"In this forum we criticize Wikipedia, the WMF, Jimbo Wales, and other people that mismanage Wikipedia and other WMF projects. We criticize those who defame people (in articles and in pseudo-legal proceedings), or otherwise behave poorly. A certain amount of rough-and-tumble language is expected here, particularly between forum members, who can freely respond to each other as peers. It's a discussion forum, not an attempt to create an encyclopedia. Nevertheless, our influence is increasing, and we now have more of the world's eyes upon us."
  1. Not policy, but advice: About posting on this forum;; Wikipediocracy forum; date 30 May 2013; accessed 4 February 2019.
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