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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki license: GNU Free Documentation License
Main topic: Pornography

This wiki was created as replacement to all the true Adult content / Porn Wikis that have either been deleted by the PTB (Powers that be) or now lay abandoned just waiting for the candle of the paid account to die out which describes just about all of them, if you are reading this you are now looking at the very last Wiki for Adult content/Porn in the whole internet and World Wide Web. There is another that is still functional but is in German and is probably on it's way out too by the PTB.

The purpose of this Wiki just as it was with it's paid account predecessors is to both educate and entertain. It is obvious that given the content it is strictly for consenting adults only. Anybody can join and edit articles or post articles of their own as long as it relates to the subject covered by this Wiki, SPAMMERS however will not be tolerated and will be kicked out so fast theirs heads will spin...

Wiki size: 130 article pages see stats

(As of: 18 December 2012)