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Founded by: unknown
Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: ByInvitation
Wiki engine: XWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution
Main topic: XWiki
For a list of wiki sites powered by the XWiki wiki engine, see: category: XWiki.

XWiki is the main meta wiki site for the XWiki wiki engine.

Wiki size: 12,073 article pages see stats

(As of: 2022-11-19)

XWiki.com original logo
XWiki early engine logo

XWiki software is a WikiWikiWeb clone wiki engine, written in Java, and released as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) open source license. XWiki, which is very actively developed, is a light and powerful development platform that allows you to customise the wiki to your specific needs. Using structured data and in-page-scripting, you can create macros and applications that allow you to extend the capabilities of your wiki site.

For its data storage, this XWiki engine requires either MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle, and does not support text file data storage. Its operational wiki syntax supports all existing link generating formats, including CamelCase, free links, backlinks, interwiki, etc, along with HTML and many different types of scripting. A range of plugins are available, and its features and functions make it comparable with many of the other high-end wiki engines. As of December 2017, it is available in 38 different user languages.

https://www.XWiki.org is the URL which hosts the software download (and all related XWiki support wiki sites); whereas https://XWiki.com is the URL of the 'parent company' XWiki SAS, who are headquartered at 4 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris, France, and registered in the Trade and Companies' Register of Paris under the number 477 865 281.

XWiki supports many popular features of other wiki engines, including:

  • Wiki syntax (uses Radeox engine)
  • Content management (view/edit/preview/save)
  • Version control
  • Attachments
  • Rights management
  • Full-text search

XWiki also has many advanced features that many other wiki engines lack:

  • Document templates to ease creation of common documents
  • Relational Database storage using Hibernate
  • Design engine for metadata and forms
  • In-place (inline) editing of form information in pages
  • Powerful programming API in documents (Velocity or Groovy)
  • Search API for more detailed searching in the metadata
  • Plugin system in Java
  • Scalability and performance using J2EE
  • Complete skin system (templates content as well as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS))
  • RSS output and display of external RSS feeds
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • XML / RPC remote API
  • Portlet integration
  • Integrated statistics
  • PDF export
  • WYSIWYG HTML editing

XWiki may be run as a standalone wiki by downloading the software and installing it on an appropriate Java-enabled server. Alternatively, XWiki is also available as a hosted option; via either the XWiki cloud, or by professional hosting from official sponsoring companies, the latter includes the XWiki Community farmMyXWiki.orgwiki farm for non-profit organisations and individuals. XWiki.com lists some very high-profile users of XWiki; who include Amazon, the English Premier League, EDF Energy, and Brabantia.

XWiki management and 'meta'-type wikis

The XWiki Playground at Playground.XWiki.org is an unmoderated wiki site for new and / or potential users to explore and practise all features of XWiki. XWiki Development Zone at Dev.XWiki.org is the community place for extensive, in-depth development of the XWiki software, along with governance, statistics, mailing lists, and more; whereas XWiki Contrib at Contrib.XWiki.org is the place for collaborative development of related but unofficial XWiki related projects and extensions, fostering the genuine spirit of wiki communities. XWiki Platform at Platform.XWiki.org is for XWiki Top level Projects, which provides common services and UI to them.

Other XWiki-owned wikis include: Snippets Wiki at Snippets.XWiki.org, XWiki Design at Design.XWiki.org, XWiki Rendering Framework at Rendering.XWiki.org, Weblate XWiki.org at L10n.XWiki.org, XWiki Commons at Commons.XWiki.org, XWiki Extensions at Extensions.XWiki.org, XWiki Store at Store.XWiki.com

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