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Wiki for HSIM courses UCSD ñ Heavy spam

HowStuffisMade is an encyclopedia of and manufacturing processes and labor conditions involved in the production of contemporary products. This information is often hard to obtain and little of this material exists on the web. The encyclopedia is an an independent academic webbased Wiki publication that uses primarily visual documentation. The entries are summative (short) photoessays produced primarily by students guided by faculty who ensure the standards of evidence. The project is set in contrast to the HowStuffisMade.com resource which excludes any information on manufacturing and labor. For more discussion see http://howstuffismade.org

Wiki enables collective production while retaining the history of edits, that is, information is available on who provided the information. For example a reader can see if a worker, student or paid employee provided the information on wage, materials, work practices or other information, and assess the information on that basis. For more information on wiki's and twikis see wikipedia.org

Any person who has been involved in the making of any of the "stuff" that is documented on this website is invited to improve this resource.

This MediaWiki implementation of wiki requires a onestep TWikiRegistration which provides the opportunity to either acknowledge or provide anonymity your contribution. See wikipedia.com (http://www.wikipedia.com) if you would like to learn more about OpenContent and wiki.

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