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The Zero Wiki (零Wiki) is a video game wiki dedicated to the survival horror Fatal Frame/Project Zero series, created by Tecmo, and first released in 2001 in Japan. The main games include Fatal Frame (released on the Xbox and PlayStation2), Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (released on the Xbox and PlayStation2), Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (released on the PlayStation2), and Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (released on the Wii). The settings of the Fatal Frame games are placed in Japan (around the early to late 1980s) were the protagonist (usually female) has found themselves spirited away or trapped in a haunted location. Their only defense is an antique camera which has the ability to dispel spirits and uncover clues to help them escape.

As the protagonist makes his/her way through the game searching for his/her lost loved one, he/she learns more about ancient rituals that took place (and went horribly wrong) in the place where she has become trapped. In order to come out alive, the protagonist must solve the mystery of the ritual and lift the curse.

The main goal of Zero Wiki / 零Wiki (created March 16, 2007) is to share any and all information about the Fatal Frame / Project Zero video game series, and the people responsible for its creation, with fans from around the world.

Note: the Fatal Frame games vary in ratings from T for Teen to M for Mature by the ESRB.[who?] Contents of the wiki may reflect this rating to a minimal degree.