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ZshWiki, found at ZshWiki.org, and later stylised as [ZshWiki], is a wiki about the Zsh shell for Un*x systems which have been around since 1990. This wiki aims to provide an accessible outline of all the features of Zsh (with some nifty specifics!), provide examples of use, and foster a Zsh community.

ZshWiki was founded in 2002, and originally used the Perl-based UseMod Wiki software.[1] Late 2004 the wiki was affected by spam, and late November 2004 the UseMod Wiki powered site was taken down[2] and it subsequently converted to use the more robust PHP-based DokuWiki software. As of September 2018, it was noticed ZshWiki was unreachable, the InternetArchive WaybackMachine at Archive.org indicated its last live capture for the wiki home page was May 2018.