Alex Schroeder

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Alex Schröder photo
Alex Schröder
Gender: Male
Other names: Alex Schroeder
Nationality: Swiss
de-N This person is a native German speaker.
en-5 This person is a professional English speaker.
fr-2 This person is an intermediate French speaker.
pt-1 This person is a basic Portuguese speaker.
Residence: Zürich, CH-8048, Switzerland
Home wiki(s): Oddmuse, Emacs Wiki, Campaign Wiki
Editing status:
Pers. website:
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Alex Schröder (en: Alex Schroeder), a software developer from Zürich, Switzerland,[1] was involved in MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki, and is the creator of the Oddmuse wiki engine.[2] Alex is also the founder, creator and contributor to a number of wikis that use his Oddmuse software, including Campaign Wiki,[3] and Emacs Wiki, together with some personal wikis for members of his immediate family.

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