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Status: Vibrant
Language: Multilingual
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Main topic: Sustainability
Wiki size: 7,217 article pages see stats

(As of: 2016-07-04)

Appropedia is a living library of appropriate technology and open design, covering sustainability, climate change (global warming) and broader international development issues including green living, public health, water, sanitation, community development, agriculture, renewable energy, urban design and managing natural disasters. Although the focus is mainly technical so far, it is intended that Appropedia will develop more material on poverty and prevention of hunger, as well as green living.

It is currently (2012) the most active Green Wiki, the most active Appropriate Technology wiki, and the only active Permaculture Wiki.

Appropedia is being used by educators, with students creating topical and project information as part of their courses.

Appropedia allows for networking, discussion, analysis and collaboration and is replete with:

  • topics, with a practical emphasis – building a comprehensive
  • how tos
  • project description
  • research write-ups
  • relevant theses

Many active contributors, dozens of changes a day (2012). Active partnerships with university programs are adding important in-depth sustainability and appropriate technology information.

There is a discussion list, an Appropedia page on Facebook and @Appropedia on Twitter (and

Now with Semantic MediaWiki and a custom skin!

Appropedia and Ekopedia have been in the process of merging for several years.