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Status: Dormant
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Wikia
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Main topic: Sport

ArmchairGM is a fan-based sports community originally built on a heavily customized MediaWiki (Wikipedia) engine that combines blogs, news, and voting, with the power of a sports-wiki. ArmchairGM was bought by Wikia in December 2006 for $2 million.

Parts of the ArmchairGM codebase were open-sourced in early 2008, and in early 2009 the developers and founders of ArmchairGM were laid off.

By early 2010, Wikia had dropped support for ArmchairGM and considered it "a failed project", in the words of their then-CEO.

Somewhere between 8 August 2010 and 10 February 2011, ArmchairGM was migrated from its own codebase into the standard Wikia codebase and Wikia's Oasis skin. During this migration, a lot of the site's original content was lost, in addition to many features which were unique to ArmchairGM back in the day.

On 1 August 2011 the ArmchairGM codebase was finally open-sourced.

Many of the features that originated at ArmchairGM, commonly called social tools, are nowadays available as stand-alone extensions, compatible with the latest releases of MediaWiki.

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