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The Beyond Politics wiki dedicated to developing, supporting, and providing public information regarding the rules and systems of delegable proxy democracy, also known as fractal democracy and liquid democracy. Here we talk about various methods of organization and decision-making. Especially the the FA/DP method. (switched from Tikiwiki to MediaWiki)

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Abd Lomax[edit]

On 26 July 2014, Abd Lomax took over ownership of the wiki. He wrote:

Beyond politics was started as a wiki, early in the last decade, to collect information and facilitate discussion of Free Association/Delegable proxy structures. That wiki was a TikiWiki installation, and rapidly became obsolete and spam-ridden. I moved it to a new server, and paid for a year's hosting. The installation was MediaWiki and there was some activity. However, at the end of the year, I had a larger bill to pay. I had planned to move all my domains there, but never did it. And didn't handle the situation. The present wiki is with a new host, and all my domains are there now. It's easier to maintain. And I have a little help, if needed. But the new content is very little developed. If anyone wants to work on developing content on this, there is a lot of material out there, extensive mailing list discussions, etc. Right now, the wiki requires approval to register. That is only being done to avoid spam and vandalism until there is a larger maintaining user base. Current, it is being used by me to host some miscellaneous Wikimedia Foundation-related content, things that cannot be maintained directly on WMF servers for whatever reason. Most of my work is now on Wikiversity, user:Abd.

There is a delegable proxy project there, dormant since 2011.

Beyond politics is declared as a Free Association. Among other things, that means that the organization as a whole takes no controversial stands. What individuals put on a BP wiki is the responsibility of the individuals, generally. That includes me. Major site pages will move toward maximum consensus. Or, maybe, nothing will happen. For now.
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