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Category: Central European Time — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of pages (most of them user pages of wiki people from various countries of Europe and / or Africa) associated with the time zone 'Central European Time': Abuja-Nigeria, Algiers-Algeria, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Andorra La Vella-Andorra, Belgrade-Yugoslavia, Berlin-Germany, Berne-Switzerland, Brazzaville-Congo, Brussels-Belgium, Budapest-Hungary, Copenhagen-Denmark, Kinshasa-Zaire, Luxembourg City-Luxembourg, Madrid-Spain, Oslo-Norway, Paris-France, Prague-Czech Republic, Rome-Italy, Stockholm-Sweden, Tirana-Albania, Vienna-Austria, Warsaw-Poland, Yaounde-Cameroon, Zurich-Switzerland.

If you are contributing from this time zone, tag your user page with template:My time zone and template:Central European Time by typing (or copying and pasting):

{{My time zone|{{Central European Time}}}}