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NoLogo.png WakkaWiki
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: PHP
Software license: BSD License
Status: Dead

Wakka is a former lightweight wiki engine written in PHP (defunct since approx. 2004). The formatting rules are available on a page on the Opera Browser Wiki. There are a number of other wiki engines which are forks of Wakka; namely: CS Wiki[1] (formerly known as CityWiki), CoMaWiki,[2] WackoWiki (Russian-only), WikkaWiki, and WikiNi[3] (a French engine with English, Spanish and Esperanto support).

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The wikis below run on the WakkaWiki wiki engine. Some are active, but many are dead. The wiki engine itself is no longer available, its url – has been hijacked by another unrelated asian blog site (which happens to use the same name)!


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