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Category: WikibaseWikibase is a collection of software applications and libraries for creating, managing and sharing data, and specifically structured data. In essence, all information entered onto Wikibase is 'machine-readable', meaning that it is effectively database of information which can be accessed universally, and crucially, is open data. A MediaWiki extension, created and hosted by Wikimedia Deutschland started in 2012, Wikibase is an open source project.[1] Wikibase software was developed for, and is used by Wikimedia Wikidata. Other wiki sites and projects using Wikibase include Europeana - Eagle Project, FactGrid, Rhizome ArtBase, DroidWiki, and Uncyclomedia UnData.

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  1. Lydia Pintscher, Lea Voget, Melanie Koeppen, Elena Aleynikova (August 2019); Strategy for the Wikibase Ecosystem (PDF);; accessed 20 January 2022.
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