Cornelis Drebbel from Alkmaar

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Founded by: Francis Franck
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Born in Alkmaar in 1572, deceased in London 7 November 1633. The Edison of his time; Brilliant empiric researcher and innovator, Drebbel’s constructions and innovations covered in particular measurement- and control technology, pneumatics, optics, chemistry hydraulics and pyrotechnics. With Staten General he registered several patents: wrote some interesting essays about his experiments with air pressure. Made beautiful engravings on the Seven Liberal Arts and a map of the city of Alkmaar.

This wiki is intended to collect knowledge about Cornelis Drebbel's life and works.

It covers his early life and family in Alkmaar, his etchings with Hendrick Goltzius in Haarlem, his contemporaries - famous people who influenced him or his remembrance. Furthermore most of his books and writings are now digitally accessible.

Those interested in Drebbel's innovations should take a look at the Perpetuum Mobile, the Submarine, the use of Oxygen, the Temperature regulator, Lenses, the Perfect Red dye, the Thermometer, the Camera Obscura, Explosives ...

Many historians have studied Drebbel and many biographies and documents have been written about him. Dr. Naber played a special role in Drebbel's rehabilitation through the 1st Drebbel Society.