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Davis Wiki
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Founded by: unknown
Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: LocalWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution
Main topic: City

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Wiki size: 17,228 article pages see stats

(As of: 2022-11-06)


Davis Wiki is a really great local wiki site that focuses entirely on the city of Davis, California, United States of America. Some of the features that make it unique are an interactive map, which provides another way to navigate the wiki! You can drill down on the map easily get to any store, business or other attraction for which there is a wiki article, here's an example of an article. A look at the recent changes page shows that the wiki is clearly vibrant, and what else is neat is that there seem to be 500 or so people with personal pages. UC Davis is right there and that probably works to the wiki's advantage, in that students dig interactive web sites like Facebook, etc., and the wiki is even easier to use.

There are a number of 'city-wikis', like the BerlinWiki (Wikia) for example, but Davis Wiki stands out because it has really captured the hearts and minds of its community. What is the secret? I hope to see more like this!

Via Archive.org link to weblog post.


Note on wiki engine: they started with MoinMoin, but it is now thoroughly hacked. DavisWiki was integrated into the Wiki Spot platform, and used the Sycamore engine, for a number of years. Then it was integrated into the non-profit LocalWiki effort.

Many, many years after its creation, Davis Wiki cofounder Philip Neustrom went on to co-found the Encycla project (Encycla.com).

There are several great features