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A place to share information about Eclipse and its sub-projects. was started in 2004 by Xavier Mehaut to offer a reliable and user friendly wiki for the eclipse community, in replacement of the former which suffered from neglect. This site was started in relation with which was also mostly maintained by Xavier Mehaut until 2005. After over two years --in June 2006-- Xavier did pass the baton to Philippe Ombredanne, which is now the maintainer for this wiki. But Xavier is still around! Over the years this wiki has been both a blessing in the wealth of information it provides, and has also been severely attacked by spammers. This required significant maintenance. Since Summer 2006, moderated registration has been turned on, and spam content abd accounts are actively tracked and deleted. In the mid-term, it it likely that this wiki will migrate soon to an open source platform, and offer better self-policing spam control features.

Note that this wiki has been one of the original wikis about Eclipse, despite the recent launch of a wiki on the web site. We believe that it is important that it continues on as an independent Eclipse information resource, with a focus on the open source Eclipse community at large. Have fun providing valuable information in this wiki, especially by porting information from the old wiki site to this one and adding new stuff too ;-).

Thanks for your contributions!


This wiki is shut-down soon since May 2009 because launched their own 'official' wiki Eclipsepedia.