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Encyclopedia GamiaThe Gaming Wiki (previously known as Wikia Gaming), also known as Gameinfo Wiki, now found at Gaming.Wikia.com, is a Wikia video games community wiki, which aims to have information on every game ever created, especially computer games, but not excluding other genres such as board games, card games, and even sport.

The reason for including these other forms of games is that many computer games are often a form of these other kinds of games. For instance, there are many computer and console games about American football and basketball, so why not give them their own sections?

Encyclopedia Gamia (previously known as Wikia Gaming) is the end result of the merger between Encyclopedia Gamia, Gameinfo, Cheatbase, and an older site by the name Wikia Gaming. Originally found at egamia.com, Egamia (the Encyclopedia Gamia) subsequently merged with Gameinfo Wiki. A further collaboration occurred when Gameapedia merged into this Encyclopedia Gamia.