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Founded by: Sunir Shah
Status: GoalAbandoned
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: ReadOnly
Wiki engine: UseMod Wiki
Wiki license: Copyright to contributing authors
Main topic: Wiki
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(As of: 2012-04-14)


MeatballWiki is a wiki forum running on the wiki engine UseMod Wiki which was started by Ontarian computer fan Sunir Shah, originally on CliffordAdams's Internet domain (Note that, despite being on the same Internet domain, MeatballWiki is not part of Adams's wiki forum for demonstration of the wiki engine UseMod Wiki and which, like the wiki engine, is also called UseMod Wiki.)

MeatballWiki was started to avoid discussion of "Wiki on Wiki" (discussion about WikiWikiWeb on its own pages). MeatballWiki describes the general tendencies observed on wikis and other on-line communities; for example the life cycles of wikis, and people's behavior on them. Meatball wiki has since moved to its own internet domain —

MeatballWiki is a useful guide for on-line community practitioners, mostly in English, but a fair amount in French, and some community members are German.

State of affairs[edit]

This Wiki has been halted since 07/2012 on account of to much spam. You can still read all pages but no one does any edit there. Sunir Shah saw himself unable to alter the code for LoginToEdit or make a transition to another WikiEngine.


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MeatballWiki est un forum wiki tournant sur le moteur-wiki UseMod Wiki. Initialisé par Sunir Shah sur le nom de domaine internet de CliffordAdams : MeatballWiki a démarré pour éviter toute discussion de "Wiki on Wiki" (discussion à propos du WikiWikiWeb sur ses propres pages). MeatballWiki décrit les tendances générales observées sur les wikis et d'autres communautés en-ligne, par exemple les cycles de vie des wikis et les comportements des personnes sur la terre-wiki.

MeatballWiki est un guide vraiment utile pour les praticiens des communautés en-ligne.