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This wiki is a newer wiki, and one that is blooming, it's a wiki made just for stories, poems, and any other forms of writing. The wiki is made to please young writers and young poets, in this way, when they publish a story, when of the admins reads it and even leaves a comment. This wiki is still growing, and even though the website is new it has members that are being very helpful and caring. Any of the admins are willing to help and even give you adivce on what you should do. On this wiki, no one is left out and everyone is cared for by the proud admins. We are still adding pages, and if you like the wiki please pass the word on to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and any other websites. We really want this blooming wiki to expand, as everyone that already joined wants it to expand. The summary is short, but in reality you don't need many more words describe this wiki. Thank you. ^.^