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Proposal 05-Mar-2006: RealNames[edit]

First, let me say that I appreciate anyone and everyone working on this WikiIndex project. I do want to propose that we make it a site standard to Use Real Names or work anonymously. Best, MarkDilley

Could you say more about this, Mark? I ask because I'm totally supportive of UseRealNames for MeatballWiki or any other project where "community" is more of a focus than producing information for the public. For any wiki, I feel a lot more comfortable interacting with a person with a real name than with a pseudonym, though if I knew who that person was in real life, I might feel differently. I also feel more comfortable working with a logged in person, no matter what name, than I do working with an IP address. Reputation is tied to that login name, not just to the real person behind it. I am really looking forward to more conversation on this. TedErnst | talk 18:37, 5 Mar 2006 (EST)

Well Ted, I think you said it. Community is more a focus than the production of knowledge. I do think that we have to allow for anonymity though. So, as I agree with you that I personally would rather people sign in, I think that allowing people to participate, but Opt out of the RealNames (proposed) site guideline, is important. IP addresses are unfortunately a part of that. Best, MarkDilley

After quick discussion, working on WikiIndex:Real names --MarkDilley