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(from main page:)

Welcome to SIP Broker. SIP Broker is a free service that improves your SIP telephone experience in several ways:

  • ENUM with automatic PSTN fallback. People who have a PSTN phone (or a DID) can map that phone number to a SIP URI (for free at that mapping is called ENUM. Whenever someone calls that PSTN phone number from a SIP client or proxy that checks ENUM, the call goes to the mapped SIP URI (rather than via PSTN) and is free. With SIP Broker, if an ENUM entry is not found, then the call is sent back to your SIP adapter, which then places the call in exactly the same way as if SIP Broker had never been involved. So if your SIP adapter is registered with a prepaid SIP-to-PSTN gateway (like SIPphone or OZtell), then the benefit of this is that you don't have to know or care about the technical details at all-- you just get the maximum possible number of free calls.
  • SIPdomain-to-numericPrefix mapping. How can you dial from a hardware SIP phone/adapter? It's tough, since phones don't have alphabetic keyboards. SIPbroker makes it easy by mapping '' to '*393', so you would just dial '*393613'. There are over 220 of these mappings, allowing you to reach any open SIP proxy (that is, any SIP proxy that doesn't block incoming SIP calls from non-business-partner external domains).
  • PSTN access numbers allow people people who don't even have a computer to reach you by dialing an access number from a PSTN phone, then dialing your VoIP "extension".