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Spam is an evil annoyance! See Wikipedia:Spam.

If you detect spam, please report it here: WikiIndex:Spam reports. There are a number of WikiIndex users who will deal with it quickly. Therefore spam has a quite short lifespan on this wiki.

On the other hand, not all spam is totally blatant; see e.g. mw:Project:Schools of thought on deletion for some thoughts on this. Cases in which a person posts content to a user page introducing himself, with a few links to his interests, are a grey area. Some wikis leave that content indefinitely; others delete it if he makes no edits to other parts of the wiki; still others leave it for a Miscellany for Deletion discussion forum to decide on a case-by-case basis.

There can also be disputes about what is annoying spam and what is useful notification of current or upcoming events.


Spam السخام باللغة العربية هو الرسائل غير المرغوب فيها و التي تشكل عبئا كبيرا على مواقع الويكي و على علب البريد الالكترونية اذ تشغل جزءا كبيرا منها و تجعل الموقع غير عملي

Please see: Spam article of the same or similar name or subject on the Arabic Wikipedia.

Spam是邪恶的吵闹! 没有关于Spam的中文维基百科文章