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I propose that this page be edited to make clear that it's about developing the process for Wiki-Noding from WikiIndex, and to track progress on creating wikinodes and share any difficulties about the process. This page can also be used to create a guideline for anyone creating a wikinode. TedErnst | talk 15:55, 13 Mar 2006 (EST)


WikiIndex is a "utility wiki". Does WikiNodes:DontLinkUtilities apply? --DavidCary 15:26, 20 Apr 2006 (EDT)

I believe it does apply in the "neighbors" section. I don't see a problem with links to the WikiNodes wiki to give an overview of the WikiNodesNetwork or to that wiki's page here at WikiIndex so the contributors to that wiki can start to maintain their own page here. TedErnst | talk 15:30, 20 Apr 2006 (EDT)

David, you are correct. The initial project documentation from a couple of years ago states that utility wiki shouldn't be listed in any part of the wiki node. Through conversations at RecentChangesCamp and in Seattle between RayKing and LionKimbro that got worked out, but the documentation doesn't reflect that yet. Ted is correct in his view of how the wiki node project is taking shape. I think :-) MarkDilley

current work purpose[edit]

Ted, can you explain to me what you see the current wiki noding work accomplishing? I am not sure I understand. Best, MarkDilley

I see it as outreach, both for WikiIndex and for the WikiNodeNetwork. If people don't know about either one, I hope that my addition of a WikiNode on their site will clue them in, and then they can maintain that page themselves, as well as their own page here at WikiIndex. I actually started this with the MediaWikis last week and gave up because there were too many. I decided to focus on software I'd like to promote more. If there aren't negative reactions, I'll likely finish UseMod and move on to OddMuse. Feel free to question more if you see anything that could be improved in my process or believe I'm doing more harm than good. If you see this as simply useless, well, that's a different matter. :-) TedErnst | talk 18:22, 16 August 2006 (EDT)

I see your work as important in terms of outreach. I like the idea of going to a wiki and saying "Hey, this is a cool project, join it if you like it!" My thought is about the WikiNode link in the structured data. Does it loose its value if many of the links are to template pages? Might the first part of you effort later lead to the second part of your effort? Best, MarkDilley

Excellent! I knew you'd have a better idea! Okay, so let's think about how people use the structured data. Someone comes to WikiIndex, searches for their own favorite wiki, finds it, and then clicks with WikiNode to see what that's about? Or someone knows about WikiNodes and wants to find what other wikis are about kayaking so clicks the WikiNode link from teh Kayaking Wiki structured data? What if that link isn't there? What if they know about kayaking and there actually is a boilerplate WikiNode, but it's not linked up? Lots to think about here. I won't do any more until we talk some more. Great stuff!
Good point here, good to talk about it at WikiSym!! MarkDilley
Okay, one more train of thought. I put up a boilerplate WikiNode on a site, but don't link to it from WI yet. Someone there fixes up their WikiNode to be real, then follows the link here, then THEY lnk it up themselves, yes? So it draws them more into WI if the link isn't there, right? TedErnst | talk 01:22, 17 August 2006 (EDT)
This one excites me!!