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This shortcut template is used to render the number of articles (page count), as used by template:Size, for all language versions of the WikiMANNia project.

Please use plain numeric value for number of CONTENT pages (or Files on a commons wiki); NO thousands separators.
|de= 7390 — https://de.wikimannia.org/Spezial:Statistik "de"!
|en= 1090 — https://en.wikimannia.org/Special:Statistics
|es= 210 — https://es.wikimannia.org/Especial:Estadísticas
|fr= 3 — https://fr.wikimannia.org/Spécial:Statistiques
|it= 55 — https://it.wikimannia.org/Speciale:Statistiche
|ru= 7 — https://ru.wikimannia.org/Служебная:Статистика
|date= 2024-02-29
|commons= 7121 — https://commons.wikimannia.org/Special:Statistics   ← here: Uploaded files (pictures, videos, audio, and documents)

See also template: WikiMANNia/wikiFactor.