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This Wikia logo is used, or was previously used by [[{{{1}}}]], a wiki site hosted by Wikia.com / Fandom.com (a commercial, 'for-profit' wiki farm). All copyrights belong to Wikia, Inc. / Fandom, Inc. This logo or image is used here on WikiIndex under 'fair use' terms, solely to assist with this non-commercial informative research project.

This Wikia logo of is an image / logo template, which is helpful for building a visual WikiIndex. By using it exclusively on a Wikia / Fandom logo image files, it will automatically categorise said logo into category: Wikia logo, a sub-category of both category: WikiLogo and category: Wikia.

Note: for generic non-Wikia / Fandom wiki site logos, please continue to use our 'default' logo tagging template: {{WikiLogoOf}}. For other specific logos, please see template:File / image templates table (as shown below). For wiki farm-specific logos, please use: {{Farm logo of}}. For wiki engine-specific logos, please use: {{Engine logo of}}. For license-specific logos, please use: {{License logo of}}.
Use it by typing
{{Wikia logo of|name of Wikia article page}}

If you also need to use it for a category, include a colon after the pipe, as in:

{{Wikia logo of|:category: Cartoons}}

Remember, when you are uploading an image file here on WikiIndex, during the upload process, you have a space in the 'Summary:' box for adding further detail; such as its source location (URL, please wrap the URL in <nowiki></nowiki> command to prevent live link creation), any license detail, copyright, 'fair use' claims, and any other pertinent information, etc.


This image or logo template table shows all of the current (and proposed) templates to be used when uploading new images, or editing existing image files. Crucially, usage of the correct image template not only auto-categorises the image file correctly into its appropriate sub-category, it also highlights any specific copyright noted by the said image, and apportions the copyright to its rightful owner. This is vital, because images (and related visual media) are classed as 'art', and licensing for works of art is very different to written textual work. Many wiki logo are specifically protected by copyright.


Simply select and highlight {{Wikia logo of|}}, copy (Ctrl-c on your PC keyboard or ⌘-c on your Mac keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or ⌘-v) it to the relevant file / image sub-category edit box, and save your edit (Ctrl-s or ⌘-s). This will then auto-include it into the appropriate file / image category as shown in the table below.

file / image templates table (view / edit)
type of image file correct file / image template file / image category
Wiki logo–specific files {{WikiLogoOf}} category: WikiLogo
Wiki engine–specific files {{Engine logo of}} category: Engine logo
Wiki farm–specific files {{Farm logo of}} category: Farm logo
Wiki company–specific files {{Wiki company logo of}} category: Wiki company logo
Wiki license–specific files {{License logo of}} category: License logo
Screenshot–specific files {{Screenshot of}} category: Screenshot
Avatar–specific files {{Avatar of}} category: Avatars
Photograph–specific files {{Photograph of}} category: Photographs
Caricature–specific files {{Caricature of}} category: Caricature
Books–specific files {{Book cover of}} category: Book cover
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.–specific files {{WMF logo of}} category: Wikimedia Foundation logo
Wikidot.com Inc.–specific files {{Wikidot logo of}} category: Wikidot logo
Wikia / Fandom, Inc.–specific files {{Wikia logo of}} category: Wikia logo
Wikia people–specific files {{Wikia avatar}} category: Avatars, category: Wikia people
Uncyclomedia Foundation–specific files {{Uncyclomedia logo of}} category: Uncyclomedia Foundation logo
ShoutWiki Limited–specific files {{ShoutWiki logo of}} category: ShoutWiki logo
Miraheze Limited–specific files {{Miraheze logo of}} category: Miraheze logo
Referata–specific files {{Referata logo of}} category: Referata logo
Wikispaces.com–specific files {{Wikispaces logo of}} category: Wikispaces logo
Wikkii–specific files {{Wikkii logo of}} category: Wikkii logo