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This shortcut template is used to create a pre-formatted external link to the relevant independently created Wikistats 2.2 sortable list table of a 'project' for wiki sites, from mutante of Germany (originally hosted at S23.org). Wikistats 2.2 details all wiki sites in all languages from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), grouped by Wikimedia Foundation projects, along with other non-WMF independently hosted MediaWiki-powered wiki projects such as Uncyclomedia Foundation, openSUSE, ShoutWiki, Miraheze, Metapedia, Wiki-Site.com, W3C. Specifically, this is also an interwiki template, meaning it creates a 'clean' external link to the requested Wikistats 2.2 page by using our interwiki table.


{{Wikistats 2.2-project|'1'|'2'|'3'}}


  1. = two-letter identifying code for wiki project from Wikistats 2.2 URL
  2. = pluralised name of wiki project as shown in title of target Wikistats 2.2 page
  3. = singular name of wiki project as shown on our WikiIndex category or article page
Example - project listing
{{Wikistats 2.2-project|wt|Wiktionaries|Wiktionary}}

Similar related template[edit]

For a similar template which links to an individual wiki site stats page for Wikistats 2.2, see: Template:Wikistats 2.2-wiki.

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