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Hi there!

I'm AFK. If you didn't know; "afk" stands for "Away From Keyboard", although its used if you're at your P.C. doing other things as well. While it used to just be initals, it's grown into a term in its own right, and it's meaning has gradually grown.

If you're wondering about the odd name, the first wiki site I joined was GuildWiki. It's a site about the game Guild Wars. That site later moved to Wikia. So, a few wikis that I occasionally visited, I suddenly had to have one name on. About half of them were about GuildWars in some way or another, so I choose to keep the name from that Wiki. To make life simple for myself, I adopted that name for being online in general, especially when on Wikis.

So... yeah. I'm the Founder of UnAnswers. My "main" page on UnAnswers@Wikia is here. The site's inspired by, and indeed largely based on Answers@Wikia. The difference is that, instead of users asking questions to find out the answers, they ask questions to get a funny response.

I visit a few wikis fairly often, but of course I do have other commitments as well. If you want a hand with anything leave me a note on my talk page, and I'll do my best to help you. =)

On a final note - I'd like to thank the people of this site. While it serves its own purpose, it's hard to deny that this site helps other wikis. And for that I, and countless others, am grateful.