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Ward Cunningham.jpg
A beaming Ward Cunningham, circa 2006
Howard G. Cunningham
Age: born: 26 May 1949
Gender: Male
Other names: Ward Cunningham
'The creator of wiki'
The father of wiki
Nationality: American
Language(s): English
Residence: Beaverton, Washington County, Oregon, United States of America
Home wiki(s): WikiWikiWeb, aka Ward's Wiki
Editing status: Active
Pers. website: https://C2.com
Contact(s): Twitter feed
Ward Cunningham, the inventor of wiki, was the co-author of the book The Wiki Way, along with Bo Leuf, first published 2001.
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Howard G. Cunningham, M.S., born 26 May 1949 in Michigan City, Indiana, USA, usually known as Ward Cunningham, is an American computer programmer, and inventor of the wiki.

Within the wikisphere, Cunningham is best known as the author and creator of the first wiki software, Wiki Base;[1] the name of which was inspired by wiki, the Hawaiian word for 'quick'.[2] In 2011, he created Smallest Federated Wiki, a software tool for wiki federation, which applies aspects of software development such as forking to wiki pages.

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