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WikiIndex:Adding Pictures – to add a picture (or other media file), you must first upload the picture in any standard file format (permitted file types: png, jpg, jpeg, ogg, svg, mp3, pdf, gif) to this site, using the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" area. Just go to the page, select "Browse", and a window will pop up where you will select a picture. Get that, and you can add a short summary under the "Summary" box. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Upload file". Once you have done so, you can add the picture to any article by using the command [[Image:Example.jpg]]. You can also select the button at the top edge of the edit area that corresponds to a picture (it's the sixth button from the left).

More to keep in mind...[edit]

  • Only people who are logged in can upload pictures.
  • Rename the picture on your hard drive before uploading the picture, since it takes the name from your original file.
  • Upload the picture before making the article on your wiki, that way you have the picture name in mind and can use it in your article.
  • The site will replace spaces with underscores in the file name. This is no problem, but just make sure you use underscores when you reference the picture from the site.
  • Capitalization matters.
  • You can make the text wrap around the picture by adding the "left" or "right" command as follows: [[Image:Example.jpg|right]]. In this case, the picture will appear in the upper right hand side and text will wrap around it.
  • It's nice to upload a larger picture to the site (not so large that people can't download it of course - say, a maximum of 1600 pixels wide). This way you can have a smaller version show up in your article and then if the user wants to see the larger version, they can simply click on the picture. Here's an example of how to limit the size of a picture in your article to 200 pixels: [[Image:Example.jpg|right|200px]].

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