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See also: WikiIndex:How do categories work — if you wish to additionally categorize the article beyond it's "main topic". This additional command may be used in the description area or in a separate area under the description titled "Additional Categories".



  • Add relevant categories (and tags) to articles; try to be consistent and use CamelCase where there are multiple words such as "ProgrammingLanguages".
  • As categories are added, category articles will naturally appear in the Wanted Pages section; create these articles as needed. Also, if these articles are subordinate to larger categories, categorize them appropriately. i.e. the category "Lisp" should be a subcategory of "Programming language" and hence when you create the category "Lisp", categorize that article in "Programming language".
  • Top level categories should be categorized to "Wiki Topic", which is the highest level. From time to time, the WikiIndex page will require manual updating of the high level categories.
  • A list of every category used at WikiIndex — whether or not its article has been "created", much less whether that category has been properly categorized — is at Special:Categories.
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