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This WikiIndex: Neutral point of view is a draft policy or guideline. Its content may be used, and indeed relied upon on this WikiIndex wiki site. However, it may also be considered open for further discussion on what should or could or even must be done. All WikiIndex users are encouraged to be bold in editing to evolve and improve this draft, and also to contribute to any discussion on its talk page.
If it appears consensus for adoption of this policy has been reached, this message may be removed. If it appears that there is overwhelming consensus to reject this policy, then the page can be annotated as rejected.

WikiIndex articles should be written from a neutral point of view. Articles should present facts, rather than voicing opinions about wikis, wiki people, wiki software, wiki farms, and wiki ideas. Undue weight should not be given to facts intended to promote a particular point of view. If an article fails to comply with this policy, the appropriate solution is to edit the article to remove the bias (whether by adding new information to balance the information presented, or by removing unnecessary content) rather than to delete the article.