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Main topic: Architecture

Wiki Architecture: Is open source architecture possible?

Current design practices focus on a single architect making the major decisions, then "throwing the design over the wall" for someone else to implement. Current design practices give little information to the implementers or the users of the building why it was designed that way, and give little feedback back to the architect on what features worked well and what features should be done differently next time. A more open-source, transparent process that allows more people to observe the design process, planning, and production sequence through the end of construction would be educational to everyone involved.

Wiki and the open source movement have demonstrated amazing collaborative creativity, creating things that no one person could have done alone.

Currently, the biggest project at the Wiki Architecture wiki is:

  • Open Source White House Redux: develop an alternate building to the current White House in Washington D.C.

Everyone can collaborate, borrow, brainstorm, comment, and contribute, regardless of one's abilities. The wiki hosts 3D architectural models in many formats, although "blender format files" and "SketchUp files" are preferred.

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(As of: 28 November 2012)

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