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Extract from the site[edit]

About Us

Have you ever searched for enrichment activities for your child and not found what you are looking for? You may have searched using "Summer Camps in Ohio" and found a few camps here and there. is a service to help parents find a comprehensive list of the best lessons, programs, tutoring, and summer camps in Ohio for their children. Summer camps, autumn camps, Christmas Break camps, winter camps, Spring Break camps, and spring camps will be available. All categories of sport camps are listed including basketball, cheerleading, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. Also, a comprehensive directory of academic camps are indexed including dance, math, music, reading, science, Spanish, visual art, and writing. In addition to day camps, lessons, program and tutoring can be found includes math tutoring, english tutoring, spanish lessons, dance lessons, horseback riding lessons, and swimming lessons.

WikiChild was created by Ohio parents just like you. We were frustrated with the resources available for finding activities for children. When we would try to find an activity for one our children, we would find sites that would have a few camps for children and another that would have a few lessons. There was no site that had comprehensive information regarding all of the activities that our children could be involved in. The site as you see it today is just a beginning, we have many ideas on how to provide you better information to help you decide what is best for your child. WikiChild: Connecting parents with great service